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Nutritional Gel Capsules

Full-service contract manufacturing of nutritional and nutraceutical solutions from formulation, blending and testing to packaging, warehousing and fulfillment.


With your ingredients or ours, we’ll manufacture to your unique specifications, budget and timelines.


Fruit and Vegetable Powders: Our fruit and vegetable nutritional powders are expertly crafted through a unique dehydration method that relies on gentle wavelengths of natural light—not heat—to target and evaporate water molecules, leaving the nutrients intact.

Grass Juice Powders: Our grass juice powders are created through an ambient drying process that never exceeds 106°F (41°C) to protect heat-sensitive nutrients and enzymatic functions.

Dietary Supplement Powders: We blend, test, label and package high-quality vitamin and mineral powders that are offered in a variety of formats.

Custom Formulation Manufacturing:

  • Whole plant powder or juice powder
  • Nutrient concentration, quality and efficacy
  • Capacity up to 100,000 pounds per day
  • Guaranteed purity and potency


Custom Formulation Manufacturing:

  • Gelatin or vegetable capsules
  • Sizes 1, 0, and 00
  • Capacity up to 4 million capsules per day
  • Guaranteed purity and potency

Packaging Solutions

  • Bottles, jars and tubs
  • Pouches and stick packs
  • Induction seals and neck bands
  • Labels and shrink-wrap sleeves
  • Display boxes and cartons