Packaging Options

16A Doypack wo Zipper 16-Doypack-w-Zipper 16A-Doypack-wo-Zipper 16C-Pillow
Doypack w/out Zipper Doypack w/ Zipper Flat Bottom Pillow
16D-Gusseted-Pillow 16E-3-Sided-Seal  IMAGE_stick pouch 16H 46 Gallon Pail
Gusseted Pillow 3-Sided Seal Stick Pouch  4/6 Gallon Pail
16F 10 Can 16G-Small-Pop-Top 16J Multi Wall Bag  16I-Bulk-Bag
#10 Can Small Pop Top  Multi-Wall Bag  Bulk Bag


Types Sizes Detail
Vertical Form, Fill, & Seal 7″ W up to 19″ H Pillow; 6.5” W up to 19” H Flat Bottom (w/o 2.5″ Gusset) Pillow: Flat; Stand Up (Gusseted)
Doypack: Stand Up; Flat Bottom         Pouch: 3 or 4-Sided Seal
Horizontal Form, Fill, & Seal 6.5″, 7″, 7.5″ W up to 11.5″ H (w/o 2″, 2.5″, 3″ Gusset) Doypack: Stand Up
Pouch: 3-Sided Seal
Stand Up Pouches 8 ounces to 5 pounds Poly-Laminates
Cans *603 x 700; *401 x 411 *weight depends on product #10 w/ Plastic Overlid; Small Pop Top (Tab & Pull)
Pails (Buckets) 4 gallon and 6 gallon Double Gasketed or GAMMA SEAL
Multi-Wall Bags 5 pounds to 100 pounds Heat Seal or Sewn
Paper/Poly (2, 3, and 4 Ply)
Master Shippers 5 pounds up to 55 pounds *approximate Cardboard Dividers
Bulk Bags 400 pounds up to 3,000 pounds *approximate Poly-Lined (Interior) w/ Nylon (Exterior)

Custom sizes and applications available upon request